Putt-Putt® golf

We have two eighteen hole Putt-Putt® courses to challenge the beginner as well as the seasoned professional.

Each copyrighted hole is uniquely designed to test your putting skill, whether you are putting straight at the cup or banking off a rail to maneuver around an obstacle. Par is two on every hole, but what a thrill when you score a Hole-In-One!

If you are a serious player or just out for some Fun, Putt-Putt® Golf will bring out the competitor in you. Kids ages 2 to 100 enjoy playing Putt-Putt® Golf. Challenge your mom, challenge your dad, or just have some fun with a date.

As long as you can hold a putter, you’ll have a great time. Whether playing for score or just laughs, everyone loves the Classic Putt-Putt® Golf Course.

Price per 18 holes

(2 game ticket must be used by same person)

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Bring the family to drive the go karts on our 1100 feet track.


each ride is 5 minutes

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Batting Cages

We offer 10 fully automatic ABC pitching machines. Baseball throws 5 different speeds ranging from beginner to skilled. Machines use tokens that can be purchased at the club house. Each token is 15 pitches. Come practice as an individual or a team.

Baseball only


each token is 15 pitches

batting cages
Driving Range

The golf driving range consists of 12 acres of land. We offer outstanding hitting surface which is grass only. There are well marked signage for distance accuracy. The short game area includes a putting green, short chip area, and bunker practice. Bring your clubs and swing away.

Small Bucket (60-65 balls)
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